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State Pension Funding Update

Here at UrPension LLC we’re passionate about Retirement, and for many of you that means knowing what’s going on with the Pension System. While employees are less likely to rely on pensions, as the majority of companies have stopped offering the Defined Benefit Model, pensions still are the main retirement vehicle for government employees. One […]

‘Waiting Till You’re 80 To Retire': Are you serious?

On Monday, an interesting article was released with the opinions of Chief Executive Officer Robert Benmosche of AIG. You might remember AIG as the world’s largest Insurer before the 2008 Crisis, during which American Insurance Group (AIG) took a multi-billion dollar bailout from the US Government. With the Crisis now into its 3rd year and AIG’s bailout shoring […]

10 Truths of Retirement Planning

American households have not prepared for how to pay themselves during retirement, leaving themselves at risk of having a personal financial crisis. “How will I use my house, Social Security, job benefits, and savings to earn an income during retirement?” These questions must be answered by everyone in order to know your financial situation.  Advice from […]